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What Will You discover with Legacy Point?

  • Navigating the Path to Becoming an Accredited Investor: Grasp the requirements and benefits of entering this exclusive investment realm.

  • Strategies to Replace Dental Income and Reclaim Your Time: Uncover avenues to generate steady income without constant clinical hours.

  • Beyond Physical Capabilities: We earn as dentists using our skills and hands. Should a situation arise that impacts our ability to practice, will disability insurance be enough? Delve into alternative ways to ensure stability and maintain your lifestyle.

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Dive deep into our curated collection of insightful documents, tailored to provide clarity and direction for alternative investments.

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Explore our instructional and insightful videos, ensuring you stay at the forefront of alternative investing trends.

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Stay updated with the latest in alternative investing through our expertly penned blogs. Your go-to source for news, analysis, and thought leadership!

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Never miss out on an opportunity to learn and network. Our events calendar is packed with workshops, seminars, and meet-ups tailored for the astute alternative investor.

To join our group, follow these simple steps:

  • Submit your membership application form.
  • Return your membership agreement and any requested supporting documents. 
  • Enjoy the convenience of receiving informative printed materials.
  • Gain access to links for frequent member-only calls.
  • Receive invitations to attend exclusive live client meet-up events.
  • And much more awaits you!"
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